Collaborative Math Mosaics
Worksheets by CalfordMath

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"Well-designed and very thorough. The students enjoyed guessing what the picture would make when put together."

"This activity was a HUGE success in my classroom! EVERY single student was engaged. Even one that I have been hounding for a while."

"CalfordMath’s resources are always easy to use, give a challenge to the students and are always fun! My students love that it’s a mystery who they will uncover at the end of the activity."

"Spectacular! This must have taken FOREVER to create! My students LOVED it. They were so excited to see the picture begin to come together and they were so eager to finish it!"

"My students LOVE this! What a perfect end of the year activity. Thank you!"

"CalfordMath’s colouring activities are awesome! My students love doing them, and I can adapt the questions when I need to. So glad I could find age-appropriate colouring activities for my Grade 8 students!"

Worksheets Sorted by Topic:
Volume and Surface Area Numbers and Basic Math
Ratios, Rates, Percents, and Proportions Linear Equations, Simplifying Expressions
Quadratic Equations Systems of Equations
Functions - Notation, Transformations Financial Applications & Annuities
Similar Triangles Right Trigonometry
Oblique Trigonometry Right and Oblique Trigonometry Combined
Exponential & Logarithmic Pythagorean Theorem
Exponent Laws Factoring
Unit Circle & Special Triangles Analytic Geometry (Linear)

If you have a request, ask here, and I'll see what I can do! But, please know that I will not create mosaics of copyrighted characters.